An Introduction to AYSO’s Safe Haven Program

Each and every child participating in an AYSO soccer program has the right to a safe, fair and fun environment or “safe haven.”

AYSO designed the Safe Haven® program, one of the first of its kind, in order to fulfill this promise to our children, volunteers and families. The program focuses on four primary components designed to support the creation of a safe haven:

  • Registering and screening volunteers.
  • Requiring training and certification.
  • Providing child and volunteer protection guidelines.
  • Promoting safety and injury prevention.

Like most youth serving organizations today, AYSO asks all adult volunteers to register every year, consent to background investigations and provide character references as part of the volunteer screening process. In order to help ensure that all volunteers support the AYSO vision of enriching children’s lives, AYSO volunteers are required to take job training as well as training on how to create a safe haven for our players.

Parents are asked to partner with us to work together to ensure that player safety is our number one  priority and that every family has the opportunity to haven and share a positive AYSO experience.

For more information on AYSO’s Safe Haven®,  I invite you to explore AYSO’s main site as well as view our Safe Haven® Information for Parents.


Karen Mihara, Business Solutions Manager