Volunteers Should Not Contact Players via Social Media

In the interest of keeping both our players and volunteers safe, we recommend that adults not have direct communication via text message, email or Social Media with AYSO players at any time.  This includes befriending, following or communicating through any Social Media platform such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. If information is needed to be passed to the coach to the player in any way, we recommend using the Blue Sombrero app which allows you to push out notifications and texts without revealing personal phone numbers.

On that note, AYSO recommends that volunteers delete AYSO-affiliated Snapchat accounts and that they do not follow AYSO players on their personal Social Media accounts. Social Media can be a fun communication tool, but it is not the place to talk to AYSO players and children.

For a refresher on what is and what is not appropriate Social Media use in AYSO, please view our Safe Haven® Social Media and Electronic Communication Policy and our Social Media Policy.