Warning Signs that Your Child is Bullying Others

No one wants to hear that his or her child is bullying others. It’s certainly not easy being told that your child is a bully. However, for the emotional and physical safety of your child and other children, it’s important that you recognize signs that your child might be bullying others. Below are a few signs that may indicate that you have a bully on your hands.

Your child has behavioral issues

If hot-headed, impulsive and easily frustrated all describe your child that could be an indication that your child is a bully.

Your child is getting into trouble at school

If your child begins to act out or aggressive at school, this could be a sign that something is not quite right with your child’s behavior.

Your child is obsessed with being popular

If your child is fixated on being popular, this can also be a concerning behavior, especially if he or she is excluding or acting hostile to another child in the process..

Your child’s friends are aggressive

If your child’s friends show aggressive behavior or are mean-spirited, then chances are your child may be acting like that as well.


If you believe that you have a bully on your hands, here are eight ways to stop your child’s negative behavior, published by the Huffington Post.